Meet Our Geldings.....


Diamond is a chestnut Quarter Horse gelding that was born approximately 1994.  He has been a mounted patrol horse in Northeastern Ohio since the age of four years old.  A few years ago, his patrol officer endured a neck injury while apprehending a suspect and is no longer able to ride.  So in the spring of 2013, Diamond came to Camp Y-Noah to help teach kids the art of horseback riding.  Diamond is a nice steady trail horse and is very responsive in the arena.  In his free time, he likes to hang out with his much younger chestnut girlfriend, Cami.


Tanner is a sorrel Arabian gelding that was donated to Camp Y-Noah in November of 2011.  He was born approximately 2002 and he is sweet boy but tends to be very cautious.  You’ll recognize him by his athletic physique, flashy white legs and high tail carriage in the arena.  He enjoys trail rides and jumping lessons.


Copper is a sorrel Shetland pony born approximately 1990 so he is now in his twenty's.  He was donated to Camp Y-Noah in June 2010 by the Akron Zoo.  His hobbies include hanging out with his best friend Snowy and breaking into the feed room when no one is looking.  He is always up for a trail ride adventure and is a perfect fit for many of our smaller riders. 



Jack is a handsome 15.3 hand bay colored Quarter Horse.   Although this talented gelding is fantastic in the arena and loves a leisurely trail ride.  Jack is truly a cowhorse.  Larry & Eleanor Gray owned and branded Jack as a steer roping horse on their farm in Charm, Ohio.  The LEG Brand you see on his left rear is their initials. Jack arrived at Camp Y-Noah in late April 2014. Because of his size and talents he has quickly become a favorite. 


Black Jack is a 13 hand quarter pony born approximately 1999.  He was donated to Camp Y-Noah in November of 2010.  Don’t let his small stature fool you this little guy is one of the leaders of our herd and makes sure to let everyone know it.  He is mischievous and playful in the pasture, but once he’s in the arena he is a spitfire; jumping barrels is easy work for this pony. 


Max is a handsome 15 hand registered quarter horse born January 1999.  He arrived at Camp Y-Noah in June 12, 2014.  He is a beautifully trained western pleasure horse that carries himself with grace.  He can do a beautiful slow western jog, or a nice forward trot, all you have to do is ask!  He is easy to steer and a good listener, we love having him on our team.  Max will also give you a big cheesy smile if you offer him a treat! 



Trigger joined the Camp Y-Noah family in July 2015.  At 11 hands, he maybe our smallest pony but he has a big personality! Trigger is a palomino Shetland pony who was born in 2003.  He is very smart and very mischievous.  Watch for Trigger’s adventures on our Camp Y-Noah Facebook. 




Camp Y-Noah welcomed Miller in March 2014.  Miller has that great stocky draft build with feathered feet and a wonderful a mellow personality.  Some say he resembles Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.  His easy going attitude and lack of urgency is perfect for many of our riders.  You can watch for Miller in our beginner lessons, special needs program and the occasional trail ride. 


 Born in April 2000 Friedrich is a 14.1 hand sorrel haflinger.  He arrived at  Camp Y-Noah on March 8, 2016 from Mt Vernon, Ohio.   In his former life he was an Amish plow horse with his teammate Fritz.   Although its not uncommon for the Amish to dock plow horses tails short to prevent them from being caught in the machinery.  Friedrich’s tail was cut off by some hooligans in a cruel late night joke.  

Friedrich has a very sweet disposition and a smooth trot. We look forward to watching him grow into our program.


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