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Monday, December 12, 2016

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Branch Policy

·         If Cuyahoga Falls School district is closed due to inclement weather all A.M classes are cancelled.* Closings may be broadcasted on television, radio or online.  All P.M classes will take place as normal unless a decision is made to cancel them by the C.E.O. by mid-afternoon.  If this happens, then all P.M. classes are cancelled. 

·         If Cuyahoga Falls School district is on a two hour delay, all Riverfront YMCA related programs will run as normal with the exception of B.A.S.E. and Bethany, which are listed below. 


Before and After School Enrichment

Snow Days

1.     Snow Days will only be provided when Cuyahoga Falls City Schools OR Stow-Monroe Falls City Schools are closed due to weather.

a.     If Woodridge does not have school, but both Cuyahoga Falls and Stow do, we will not be providing care at the branch. 

b.     If all three schools (Stow, Woodridge and Cuyahoga Falls) have a snow day, we will provide care for all three following the rules 2, 3 & 4 below. 

2.     We will run on a two hour delay. Therefore, you will not be able to drop off your child until 8:30am. The program will close at 6:00pm.           

3.     Child care will be held at the Riverfront YMCA located at 544 Broad Blvd in Cuyahoga Falls.

4.     Your child will need to have a packed lunch and tennis shoes.

Two Hour Delay

1.     We do not offer before school care for Stow, Woodridge or Cuyahoga Falls schools. After school care will run as normal.

The reason why, would be if the schools would then close after the two hour delay we would not be able to care for the students because the building itself would then be closed. The children will still be our responsibility not the schools and we would have no way to transport them.

2.     In the event that Cuyahoga Falls City School District or Stow has a two hour delay and then cancels school, we will offer a Snow Day starting at 10:30am, that would take place here at the Riverfront YMCA. Your child will need a packed lunch and tennis shoes.

   *  This would also occur for the participants in Woodridge Schools only if Cuyahoga Falls City School or Stow districts cancel school. 


Bethany Child Care

If Cuyahoga Falls City Schools have a 2 hour delay to open:

1.     Bethany Enrichment Center opens at 8:30 am.


If Cuyahoga Falls City Schools are CLOSED due to bad weather i.e Snow, severe driving weather:

1.     Bethany Enrichment Center opens on a 2 hour delay at 8:30 am. to enable our staff to arrive safely. 

2.     No breakfast will be served.


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