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Mom on the move 

ashley halasa

After 5 years of working as a social worker, Ashley Halasa decided that she wanted a new career-- as CEO of her family.  With three small children, her husband’s income and the desire to get (and stay) on a healthy path, Ashley found the Y – thanks to a little help from her life-time friend, Adrienne.

“Adrienne knew that I needed something more,” explained Ashley, who listened to her buddy, a Member Service Representative with the Green Y.  “She told me about scholarships and Child Watch.” 

Ashley had lost weight with Weight Watchers and was looking to not only increase her physical activity, but also stimulate her mental acuity by meeting other adults, while also having some ME-time.

“My initial goal was very vague.  Maybe I’d jump on the treadmill, and honestly, enjoy a shower alone a few times a week,” she said.

But, the treadmill got boring.  So, Ashley decided to try Tabata.

“I was so scared the first time I took a class, but I didn’t die!” she said with a laugh, explaining that Amy Scott, Green’s Fitness Director, was the instructor.  

“Amy had a huge smile on her face the whole time and made the class look effortless look effortless,” said Ashley.   “She continues to make me feel like I can do anything!”  

That empowerment and Amy Scott’s encouragement has allowed Ashley to not only take on more classes, but complete 5Ks and more importantly, became a Y fitness instructor herself!

“I have made so many new friends here!  I felt isolated for a long time at home but have found a real home here, “she said. 

“It’s where I belong.  I love it.”


The Akron Area YMCA is a great place to find your passion and yourself.  If you are seeking part-time employment with flexible hours, great co-workers, the opportunity to really make a difference -- and a FREE Y Membership, see where we're hiring.    

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