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swim category change-up

Beginning this Fall, the Akron Area YMCA will be adopting the new SWIM LESSON curriculum and placement at all locations. See how we're making a splash

blazing a trail

Portage County's
happy Days Camp

If you were asked to name a trailblazer, who would you choose? Amelia Earhart? Jackie Robinson? Steve Jobs? Someone else who navigated the world through different eyes and with a different sense of purpose?

There’s lots of trailblazers, really; individuals who make new tracks through unfamiliar territories.

But, my guess is that you wouldn’t look to a 12-year-old kid with Smith Magenis Syndrome and give him that tag. But that’s just what the Akron Area YMCA and Akron Rotary Camp for Children decided to do. This summer, like the eight summers before it, TRAILBLAZERS was the name of the camp, funded by Portage County DD, and available to kids, from 6-22 years – who, just like Earhart, Robinson and Jobs find new ways to navigate the world around them. (Read the Full Story)

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