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It's certainly not rocket science, but it is nutrition science.  Your body needs fuel to move, grow and heal itself and that food has a little more substance than what you can easily pick up at a drive-thru or snatch-n-grab in the snack aisle.  Good choices lead to good habits.  Good habits lead to good health.  So, take some time, this Spring, to sprout some new additions to your menu.  Learn more. 

A League of their own

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to get your child involved in YMCA youth sports.  Branches offer a variety of skill-building, fun-loving co-ed offerings including SOCCER, BASKETBALL and FUTSOL.
Adult SOFTBALL leagues are also forming.
So, check with your local branch TODAY to see what's available to you and your family.


learning to lead

Summer Day Camp provided years of great memories for 14-year-old Leah Rose.  She’d been an enthusiastic participant for years, experiencing the swimming, crafting, playing and learning that goes into a Y camp program.  It was just part of life...  So, when Leah became too old to be a camper (age 14 is the limit), she wasn’t quite ready to leave the Y behind.

So, she worked with the staff to become Riverfront YMCA’s first “Counselor in Training.”  The unofficial job description meant Leah would work with the 7-8 year old group by assisting the “real” counselors, playing with the campers and, most importantly, being a positive – and closer to their age- role model.   But, Leah was also learning to lead.  The staff included her in planning activities, running games and, actually interviewing future counselors for Summer Day Camp.  

  “This experience was awesome and really fun. I loved every second of it. It was great being able to get up in the morning and come in and have so much fun running around and playing with the kids. It was great and was an amazing experience.” –

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