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As you bustle around this month with shopping, baking, wrapping and binge-watching all the Christmas movie classics, remember to save some time to truly celebrate the joy of the season.  It's always there ... ready to be uncovered. 

our facilities will be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New year's eve and new year's day. 

he ain't heavy, he's my brother  

james and ben sewell
Connected for a cause

When the Righteous Brothers penned the lyrics to their iconic song, James and Ben Sewell were not yet born.  But, for them, the sentiment is perfect.  Sure, the brothers are close; only 15 months a part in age.  But the bond that additionally connects them is their collective weight loss journey of over 250 pounds.

But the road wasn’t always smooth.

A few years ago, the brothers started at the Y back, when their mom purchased a family membership after her weight-loss surgery.  Ben, the younger brother, age 21, went to support his mom, walking beside her on the treadmill.  James started coming with a baseball buddy who was rehabilitating from shoulder surgery.     Both brothers were overweight, unmotivated, and more than a little anxious about exercising in a gym.  

 “And, I really don’t really know why, but one day we just decided that we had to do something about our size,” said James.

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